Since 1977, the Professional Airways Systems Specialists (PASS) has provided exclusive representation for the Technical and Aviation Systems Specialists working for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Presently, the PASS bargaining unit consists of over 10,000 FAA employees including: Airway Facilities, Flight Standards, and Office of Aviation Standards employees. The PASS workforce is dedicated to supporting and sustaining the safest and most efficient National Airspace System for the flying public. This page is dedicated to and for the Professional Airway Systems Specialists in Alaska! Click here for alaska news.

Biorka, Island NEXRAD


This editions FEATURE STORY is from chapter 104 from Pittsburgh, PA. Thank you chapter 104! I have reserved this space for a feature article by any SSC/section. If you or your unit have anything to post please send it to me. Text needs to be in Microsoft "Word" format. I can also post pictures. If you have a picture that should be posted please send it on a 3.5" floppy disk as a "JPEG" or "GIF" file. You can mail these to my address listed at the bottom of the page or e-mail them. Be a part of your union and send in an article. To read the FEATURE ARTICLE just click on the link below.


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